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You can trace the roots of the electric guitar back to the two big companies of Gibson and Fender. They have two completely different styles and ways of building guitars but with equal degrees of quality and class. The cost of vintage guitars has grown exponentially since the decline of quality and reliability in more contemporary mass-produced guitars. This has brought about a new market for boutique guitar builders. Many of these new builders tend to replicate the two big names. More often than not, Fender guitars are the prototype for these builders. In walks Baum Guitars, who neither copies nor replicates the two big names, but builds off their ideas to create entirely new guitars with a classic look. While there are reminiscences to the classics, Baum guitars always have a distinctive style that sets them apart.

We had been admiring Baum guitars for quite some time when they contacted us to make custom cables to match their guitars. We were beyond excited! Baum epitomizes the style of what Revelation Cable Company wants to achieve. Classic looks and quality that connect us to the past but with a small boutique feel that helps us build relationships with our customers. It is this classic quality that is exemplified in their Instagram posts, which juxtapose a classic car with a Baum guitar. I must say the graphics are genius as you can see below.

Cars Baum

Baum Black Rider

We love Baum’s story. Morten Bau had been building guitars for himself for 20 years before he decided to fulfill his dreams and start Baum. Morten’s parents had a workshop in their small basement and he spent many hours down there as a fascinated child. He learned a lot about the strength, quality and weaknesses of the wood while building things like ships, speakers, skateboards and bows. In 1989 he built his very first guitar, building the body with nothing more than a piece of alder and a chisel. With a background in illustration and design, it’s no surprise he’s mastered the aesthetics.

In 2015, Baum Guitars was established. The name Baum, comes from his last name Bau and the first letter of his given name. And interestingly enough, Bau means “to build” in German and baum means “tree”! The first prototype featured a smaller body and shorter 24.75″ neck. He only built four and that’s all that exists today. Now, all Baum Guitars have a 25.5″ neck and are built in Aarhus, Denmark. We love that you can go on their extremely user-friendly website to build your own custom guitar! The options seem limitless and we love selecting all the variations to see how they would look in our spare time. As you choose your preferences, the guitar transforms on the screen before your eyes! You can build your perfect Wingman here. And you can buy our White Rider cable seen below here.

Baum Wingman

There are many exciting things on the horizon for Baum and we hope after reading this, you’ll be as big of fans as we are! Follow them on Instagram here.

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