We are having an awesome time releasing a variety of colourful custom instrument cables! There are so many great TechFlex colours that can be mixed and matched with different cable colours! The excitement shown on our Instagram page is incredible and contagious! We will be announcing our newest colour May 1st! Our first colour release was the popular Pinkalicious cable. So popular that we quickly sold out, but not to worry – it’s back in stock! This is our most popular cable to date pairing nicely below with the 1981 Inventions pedal and Fender Jazzmaster.

Fender 1981 Sound Monger Revelation Cable

Fender, Quiet Theory, Pink Guitar Cable

Up next, we released The Teally Awesome Guitar Cable! We fell in love with it instantly, and we may even love it more than Pinkalicious! It’s really one of those cables that you have to see in person to really grasp its awesomeness. It matches perfectly with Dr Scientist’s The Atmosphere and Gretsch Power Jet.

Custom Instrument Cable Dr Scientist AtmosphereInstrument Cable Gretsch Guitar

As you can see, it is quite fun to pair coloured cables to match your favourite guitars or pedals like you see above! Looking good with the Quiet Theory and Tonetuga FX pedals! It’s hard to make a Fender or Gretsch look even better than they already do, but we’d like to argue that our cables do just that! Here are a few of our other favourite TechFlex colours!

Aqua Custom Guitar CableBaum Guitar Bluenote - Custom CableWhite Falcon Custom Cable

Baum Guitars are out of this world and I’m sure you will agree! A dedicated blog post on Baum is coming soon! And a made to match White Falcon cable?! Yes please!

Colourful Custom Instrument Cables may be just the thing you’re needing. Keep watching and on May 1st we will announce our newest colour! You won’t want to miss it!

Photo Credits: The Sound Monger and Pedals Played and Baum Guitars.

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