Get Those Cables Out!

We honestly couldn’t believe our eyes and ears when we heard Cleopatra belting “Get those cables out!” on Facebook.  It was almost as if she had sung this jingle just for Revelation Cable!

No, but really… that song is catchy!  We loved her contagious joy and amazing ability to make up this jam in the moment.  From the details we’ve gathered online, she was heading out to take some goodies to her brother when she realized her car wouldn’t start.  She needed to borrow some jumper cables from her neighbours, band members from Milk For The Angry.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched this video.  And we do not plan to stop anytime soon.  Have a look and dance along with yourself…

You watched it more than once, didn’t you?  Yep… we knew it. Don’t forget to charge your sh*t!!!

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