NAMM 2019 Day Three

By the time we reached day three of NAMM 2019, we had a better system in place. It’s necessary to approach NAMM with a plan otherwise you’ll never accomplish the goals you’re trying to achieve. And by day three we had a groove! I cannot re-itterate enough how much fun The NAMM Show is! If you’ve been contemplating going, don’t think on it anymore and just GO! We will be there yearly representing Revelation Cable Company, no doubt about it.

One of our first stops on day three, was Matthews Effects. This is another pedal company I was dying to check out. And yet again, Rick Matthews was super-nice! Most of these music guys felt like my people! Friendly and approachable. Rick has some unique designs. I love the Astronomer V2. You can alternate between two different reverb settings and each one has three possible algorithms. Beyond the sounds, his graphics and booth layout were great.

Matthews Effects NAMM 2019 Day Three

The GFI System booth blew me away. These pedals are unbelievable. They really set the bar high and their booth was always surrounded by artists, reporters and videographers. The Specular Tempus was a real standout to me. The Reverb and Delay algorithms worked so well in conjunction with each other. It’s definitely on my want list. I’d even go so far as to say that the Specular Tempus and the Jonassus together could create the perfect mini-board. Another pedal GFI has in the works is a dual-engine modulator with 32 different effects (pictured in the middle below). They just keep progressing. I can’t wait to see what their next creation will be. And again, really nice guys. Although I wasn’t able to talk to them as much as I would’ve liked.  Hopefully next year!

GFI System NAMM Day Three

Up next, we have one of my dream guitars from Electrical Guitar Company. It is a version of their Series 5 which is the new signature guitar of Josh Newton of Shiner. I saw them play in Seattle in the early 2000’s at the Crocodile Cafe. Great Show! I’m told they recently reunited. I mentioned the Electrical Guitar Company in our previous post as well because I’m just obsessed with these guitars.  I WILL own one one day!

Electrical Guitar Company NAMM Day Three

You know you’re having fun when you don’t even want to stop to eat lunch! Our daily lunch was as quick as possible so we could get back on the floor and meet more people! As we were walking by the Wampler Pedals booth we were immediately drawn in by the sounds of an guitarist whom we didn’t recognize. As we stood and watched/listened we thought “how did we not know of Andy Wood before?!”. He completely blew us away on his signature model Suhr. We were mesmerized! See for yourself…

The Chase Bliss Audio booth was awe inspiring. I’ve never figured out how Joel Korte can get so many options, switches and variety of tones in such a small enclosure. Although it’s not in the picture, the new Automatone preamp, built in conjunction with Benson Amps, looks to be one of the most unique pedal designs in a long time. What a genius idea to use automated faders like they do on recording consoles and incorporate it into a pedal.

Chase Bliss NAMM 2019 Day Three

I own a Bad Cat Amplifier and I’m obsessed with it. Not only is it aesthetically flawless, it sounds incredible too. The amp in the photo below is the owner, John’s, personal amp. I think he needs to make this part of the Bad Cat lineup!

Bad Cat NAMM 2019 Day Three

It was awesome to see Ariel Posen in person and meet him! He of course plays amazingly and is always fun to watch. You can see him play on his youtube channel.

Ariel Posen NAMM 2019 Day Three

We hope you enjoyed day three of NAMM 2019 as seen through RCC’s eyes. You can see a video our whole NAMM 2019 recap below.

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