NAMM 2019 Day Two

We are so excited to share day two of NAMM 2019 with you! By the end of day one, our feet were ACHING and we were very tired. But by the morning of day two, we woke up rested, excited and ready to get back at it!  NAMM is so much work but so fun!! We attended a few of the classes geared towards businesses and took some notes. Then we hit the floors to try out some more gear and meet more amazing business owners! We were able to share about Revelation Cable Company as well.

Walrus Audio had a sleek setup. I’m a sucker for symmetry! The wood demo stations with logo and photography sucked you in.

Walrus Audio NAMM 2019

One of the guys who stood out to us most was Dusty from T1 Picks. He was a genuinely nice, warm and friendly guy. I had already bought some of his incredible stainless steel pics before NAMM and knew I wanted to go by his booth to meet him personally.  So finding out he was such an awesome guy made my day.  One of my favourite things about NAMM was making new connections and friendships that we know will carry on for years to come.  I wish I had gotten better shots of his actual product but I did get a picture of this amazing screen he had set up at his booth showcasing his stunning picks.

T1 Picks NAMM 2019

SolidGoldfx didn’t disappoint!  I knew they wouldn’t.  My wife had a hard time peeling me away from this booth!  They had two new prototypes. One was an octave up and the other an octave down. That, however, is seriously over-simplifying these pedals. The octave down has a polyphonic filter modulation that includes vibrato. The octave up is a ’76 Plus’ that has a switchable filter section. I can’t wait for those to come out!

Solid Gold FX NAMM 2019 Day Two

Another amazing guy I connected with at NAMM was Kurtis of Lambertones Pickups. We stood in the middle of the NAMM crowd and chatted for over an hour about the ins and outs of running a business. If you are in need of some new pickups, do yourself a favour and check him out. Whether you need PAF style humbuckers or replacements for your Fender guitars, Lambertones has got you covered.

Kurtis Lamberton NAMM 2019 Day Two

Visiting the Keeley Electronics booth was a delight. They are constantly creating and innovating. One of their new pedals is the Synth-1 Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Pedals and Effects particularly liked. Nick’s DL-4 looper demo of the Keeley pedals was a lesson in pedal tap dancing.

Keeley NAMM 2019 Day Two

We met Steve of Empress Effects on day one and visited him every day after!  Seriously the nicest guy ever.  And we were quite impressed with the comfy chairs in his booth!  But more importantly, we were obsessed with his pedals.  Having already owned the Superdelay Vintage Modified and the Echosystem, I now have more on my wish list.  I’m proud to say I have the Empress Reverb on its way! Now comes the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the Zoia. I have to say it is one of the most creative pedals to come out in a long time (soon to be released).  It’s the one he is pointing to down below. Again, to over-simplify, it is a modular multi-effects pedal. But once you dig in the options are endless. Beyond the presets and the individual effect starting points, you can build your own effect from the ground up. Say you want a phaser but you want a certain number of stages, you want it to be in stereo and you want it to pan at a certain speed, the Zoia can do that. Take a look at Knobs demo below.

Empress Effects NAMM 2019

I have drooled over the Electrical Guitar Company aluminum guitars from afar for so long.  It was truly an honour to hold and play one at NAMM.  And the creator himself, Kevin, is a super-nice guy.  We visited him quite a bit over the four days. I couldn’t stop gawking at the beautiful guitars! I think it may need to be my next big purchase. Shhhh…don’t tell my wife ;). There will be more pics of a new EGC signature model on day three.

Electrical Guitar Company NAMM 2019 Day Two

Last but not least, is the Catalinbread booth. I’ve wanted to try the Belle Epoch Deluxe ever since I saw the mastermind behind the pedal, Howard Gee, doing a demo of the intricacies. It did not disappoint! That is another pedal I have since ordered. I can’t wait!

Catalinbread NAMM 2019 Day Two

You can see the recap from our whole NAMM trip down below…

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