The Sound Monger ROCKS!!! The first time we saw his videos on Instagram, we were utterly amazed. We kept watching video after video! He uses so many unique items to create his masterpieces. We love how he incorporates the Maneki-Neko (also known as a Lucky Cat or Beckoning Cat) into many of his videos. Who doesn’t love a fist pumping cat rocking to a sick beat? We know we do! We also have a new found love for the Kalimba!

1981 inventions, GFI Systems Revelation Cable

Fender 1981 Sound Monger Revelation Cable

One of our random favourite “instruments” was when he sprays a Nivea mens deodorant to the beat! We will post it below for your entertainment and amazement.

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We knew we had to find a way to work with this musical genius! Getting him our Revelation Cables wasn’t exactly easy seeing as he is in South Africa! But we made it happen. And boy are we ever glad we did!Beckoning Cat Pinkalicious Cable Revelation

Maneki-Neko Lucky Cat Revelation Cable

The Sound Monger of course did what he always does, and created an impressive work of art. See for yourselves below and show him some love by following him on Instagram here and subscribing to his youtube channel here

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He is also great at still shots. He provided us with all the photos and video you see in our post! Show him some love!

Revelation Patch Cable 1981 inventions GFI System

Fender Pinkalicious Revelation Cable

Thank you Marc. We hope to continue to work with you for many years to come! We appreciate all you’ve done!

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