This is Us

We are excited to share with you who we are, so this is us! We are Duane and Kendra Gable, the founders and owners of Revelation Cable Company. Our family lives in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. But fun fact… our family is Canadian and American and we hold citizenship in both countries! Married for over a decade and we have 3 beautiful children that we are so proud of. Kendra is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Duane grew up here in Vancouver and surrounding areas.  The day after our honeymoon, after living in Oklahoma, we packed up our Penske and drove 5 days to Vancouver. We pulled into truck stops each night and slept in the back of the 5-ton, together on the couch with our cat Jet. This was the start of our adventure together!

Duane studied classical guitar for his undergrad and then took a hiatus from school to start the band Revisionist and work toward becoming an audio engineer. Paths changed and Duane went back to school where he graduated with a Master’s of Christian Studies from Regent College. Kendra graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and followed her heart and passion and started her own photography business, which she successfully ran for 11 years! As far as our roles within RCC, Duane makes all the cables and handles ordering and inventory and Kendra is the Chief Marketing Officer handling most of our social media, artist relations and many other behind the scenes tasks. We make a great team! Thank you for letting us share who we are. See below, this is us!

This is us

Revelation Cable Company is our dream and we feel so blessed to be living it.  Thank you for supporting our family by buying from RCC! You can follow us on Instagram here, on Facebook here and on Youtube here.

Here is a promo clip showing what we are all about… music by Duane’s former band, Val Verde!

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