A Little Background:

My name is Duane Gable and I am the founder of Revelation Cable Company (RCC). I began this company out of the need to find reliable, custom patch cables. Local music stores only tend to carry over-sized, generic-length cables or solderless cables. Soon into RCC’s creation, my wife Kendra began getting involved in the photography for the website (as she’s a professional photographer). Her role has since extended to social media, bookkeeping and artist relations.  The goal of Revelation Cable Company is to provide high-quality, custom guitar cables and pedalboard solutions.

We are Revelation Cable Company

The further I delved into the realm of patch cables the further I realized the need for high-quality cables for more than just pedalboard setups. The goal was to provide quality cables at a variety of price points for everybody from the hobbyist to the professional musician. As the company started to grow I was getting requests for everything from XLR cables and IEM extensions to replacement cables for Kemper remotes. Beyond my desire to provide a quality product, I am only satisfied when I’ve provided quality customer service. I want the customer to not only be satisfied with their cables, but walk away feeling happy about the entire experience.

IEM In ear monitor extension


Now the Good Stuff:

We divide the website into two different sections: the Shop and the Custom Shop. The Shop offers common lengths of cable with an aesthetic that we at RCC find attractive. In the Custom Shop we try to give you as many options as possible. The same cable may come in multiple colour options, such as the Van Damme cable  below. Furthermore, there are options for the brand of connector, its orientation and the heat shrink colour.

Guitar Cables Van Damme

The connector that made me excited about assembling patch cables for my pedalboard is the SP400. The SP400 is the lowest-profile soldered connector on the market. The Mogami 2314 is the standard cable for the SP400 but RCC offers four cable options and seven colour options. You can read more about the SP400 patch cable here.

SP400 Patch Cable

For those who don’t require the extremely compact board that the SP400 provides, we also offer the Revelation Patch Cable. It is a high-quality patch cable that is also available in seven colour as well as three brand options (Mogami, Van Damme and BTPA).

Revelation Patch Cable

If you are looking for a high-end guitar cable, this Sommer SC-Corona is light weight, quiet and extremely durable. It seems to be our most popular guitar cable.

Sommer Guitar Cable

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see new creations coming out of our Custom Shop and upcoming promotions. We hope to see you soon!

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