Baum Guitars | Canadian Custom Instrument Cables

You can trace the roots of the electric guitar back to the two big companies of Gibson and Fender. They have two completely different styles and ways of building guitars but with equal degrees of quality and class. The cost of vintage guitars has grown exponentially since the decline of quality and reliability in more […]


This Is Us | Revelation Cable Company | Langley Vancouver Fraser Valley

We are excited to share with you who we are, so this is us! We are Duane and Kendra Gable, the founders and owners of Revelation Cable Company. Our family lives in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. But fun fact… our family is Canadian and American and we hold citizenship in both countries! Married for over […]


The Sound Monger Rocks | Guitar Keyboard Cables

The Sound Monger ROCKS!!! The first time we saw his videos on Instagram, we were utterly amazed. We kept watching video after video! He uses so many unique items to create his masterpieces. We love how he incorporates the Maneki-Neko (also known as a Lucky Cat or Beckoning Cat) into many of his videos. Who doesn’t […]


Get Those Cables Out! | Local Music

We honestly couldn’t believe our eyes and ears when we heard Cleopatra belting “Get those cables out!” on Facebook.  It was almost as if she had sang this jingle just for Revelation Cable! No, but really… that song is catchy!  We loved her contagious joy and amazing ability to make up this jam in the […]


We Are Revelation Cable Company | Custom Guitar Cables

A Little Background: My name is Duane Gable and I am the founder of Revelation Cable Company (RCC). I began this company out of the need to find reliable, custom patch cables. Local music stores only tend to carry over-sized, generic-length cables or solderless cables. Soon into RCC’s creation, my wife Kendra began getting involved […]