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Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable

→ 13 AWG bare Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors.
→ Comes standard with Neutrik PX series, black and gold, connectors.
→ 0.299″ (7.6 mm) blue PVC composite jacket.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder
→ Lifetime Warranty


Sommer Meridian Mobile – AWG 11

Sommer Meridian Mobile Speaker Cable

→ 11 AWG Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors.
→ Comes standard with gold G&H Megafoot plugs and black housing.
→ 0.374″ (9.5 mm) black PVC jacket.
→ Covered in gold carbon MDPC sleeving for added durability.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.



Evidence Audio – The Siren II

→ Three positive and three negative 20 AWG solid core IGL copper conductors equaling 15AWG.
→ 0.268″ (6.8mm) blue PVC jacket.
→ Optional Neutrik NP2C-BAG conductors or Neutrik speakON conductors.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
→ Lifetime Warranty.