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AC Pedalboard Power Cable

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→ 18 AWG stranded bare copper
→ Water and oil resistant.
→ 15A Hubbel HBL5965VBLK 3 prong AC male Edison plug
→ IEC Lock, locking IEC connector or Neutrik NEC3FCA powerCon connector.
→ Black TechFlex sleeving.
→ Lifetime Warranty

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Need some extra durability for your pedalboard power cable? We got you covered. Revelation’s AC Pedalboard Power Cable is the perfect solution. Custom lengths so you don’t need to run an extension cord to reach the power outlet. We’ve added TechFlex to protect the cable and an IEC Lock connector or Neutrik powerCon connector to prevent your singer from unplugging the power from your board when he trips over the cable (and you know he will).

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