DH Labs T-14 Combo Amp Speaker Cable

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→ 14 AWG pure silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM copper.
→ Comes standard with G&H right/angle nickel plug.
→ Pure PTFE dielectric and vibration damping fillers.
→ Low capacitance (21pF/ft) and low inductance.
→Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.

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The majority of combo amp speaker cables use small gauges that aren’t optimal for the amount of power it produces. As well, some of the combo amp speaker cables just use a twisted pair without a jacket. Revelation’s DH Labs Combo Speaker Cable uses vibration damping fillers and is tension wrapped under the jacket to prevent resonances and microphonic effects. The 14AWG silver-plated Continuous CrystalTM copper conductors are tightly wound and encased in a PTFE insulation resulting in a low capacitance (21pF/ft) and low inductance. We use G&H right/angle copper core conductors to optimize signal transmission. We give you the option of having the cable ends tinned with silver solder or faston clips. Get the best out of your combo amp with Revelation’s DH Labs Combo Amp Speaker Cable.

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1', 1.5', 2', 2.5', 3'


Faston connectors, Tinned Ends, Bare Wire Ends


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