Evidence Audio Monorail Cable Kit – Solderless

$99.00 CAD

→ Convenience to build and rebuild without solder.
→ Compact cable and plug combination.
→ Monorail diameter of 4mm (0.155″)
→ 20AWG IGL copper conductor with spiral shielding.
→ Lifetime Warranty does not apply to cable kits because of DIY assembly.


The idea of bringing solderless cables to the Revelation Cable Shop wasn’t taken lightly. We have consistently heard people say that their favourite brand of solderless patch cable is the best and anybody that can’t make a proper connection isn’t doing it right. At the same time we’ve heard professional musicians, techs and music store owners say that they can only get 50% of them to work. This is true for a variety of expensive and inexpensive cable kits. When there is such a discrepancy you have to think something is wrong. It’s completely possible that some people have no issues and others have consistent issues. Why would that be? Manufacturing can extremely inconsistent. The brand may receive one batch that is perfect and the customer doesn’t have any problems putting them together. At the same time, another batch may be in the market that is inferior. Two different people are reviewing the same product with totally different results. The one brand that doesn’t seem to have this issue with solderless cable and connectors is Evidence Audio. If you take a look at the reviews, blogs and forums you’ll see consistent, good reviews with the Monorail cable and SIS plugs. Does this mean you won’t have any problems? No! Because the Monorail cable is solid core there is the possibility that it can break. It can even break within the connector. Don’t worry, this is repairable, and like any kind of technology, nothing is perfect. Having said that, we think the Monorail and SIS plugs are as close as you can get to perfect for a solderless patch cable kit. To get the flexibility you need for an everchanging setup with a reliability that rivals soldered cables, get the Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cable Kit.

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8 SIS Plugs – 5ft of Burgundy Monorail, 8 SIS Plugs – 5ft of Black Monorail, 10 SIS Plugs – 10ft of Burgundy Monorail, 10 SIS Plugs – 10ft of Black Monorail


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