Evidence Audio Patch Cable (Monorail or Blackrock)

From $27.99 CAD

→ a diameter of 0.155 (4mm).
→ Monorail: IGL solid core copper conductor. In black or burgundy.
→ Blackrock: enamel insulated stranded conductor. Only available in black.
→ spiral shielding.
→ option of SP400 or SPS4 connectors.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


Evidence Audio Monorail is a cable designed for the audiophile. The Monorail is the only patch cable that has a solid core conductor. The same conductor used in their Melody instrument cables. While it is alongside the Mogami 2314 as the smallest diameter (0.155″/4mm) it has the largest gauge of 20AWG (Mogami 2314-26AWG; BTPA CA-0678-24AWG; Van Damme XKE-24AWG) which helps with the anomalies of skin effect, has a tight, articulate low-end, fatigue free mid-range and highs and communicates a punch unlike any other. The stranded shield prevents strand interaction and has 98% coverage and its low-capacitance prevents high-frequency roll-off in long cable runs.

The Evidence Audio Blackrock is the sonic equivalent of the Monorail but with a stranded conductor. The individual strands are separated from each other with an enamel coating to prevent strand interaction. The benefit of the Blackrock is added flexibility and durability while still having the audiophile quality of a solid core cable.


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Burgundy, Black


SP400 to SP400, SP400 to SPS4, SPS4 to SPS4


Standard "U" Shape, Reverse "S" Shape


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