G&H Nickel Plug – Right/Angle (RF2PNNN)

From $5.00 CAD

→ OFC copper core for highest conductivity.
→ 1/2″ profile for highest conductivity.
→ Tin Plated solder tabs for ease of soldering.
→ Sold brass housing protects the plug.
→ Separately crimped ground won’t loosen.

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The G&H Nickel Plugs are designed to be high-quality, reliable plugs with an oxygen-free copper core for increased connectivity. Revelation Cable sells two differernt versions with two sized exit holes depending on the cable you are using. The Sommer SC-Spirit XXL and the Sommer SC-Corona require a 0.300 exit hole while the Sommer SC-Spirit LLX “low loss” and the BTPA CA-0446 require a 0.322 exit hole.

Additional information

Weight 0.0637 lbs
Exit Hole

0.300, 0.322


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