Grimm Audio TPR IEM/Headphone Extension Cable

From $51.99 CAD

Will not work with TRRS plugs (ear buds with a built-in microphone).
→ Low capacitance of 33pF/m (conductor to conductor) and 52pF/m (conductor to shield).
→ 24 AWG twisted pair conductors with braided shielding.
→ Conductive polymer prevents microphonics.
→ 3.5mm gold plated conductors.
→ 0.22″ (5.5mm) diameter.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


The Grimm Audio TPR is ideal for IEM/Headphone extension cables. This reference cable will deliver superior sound when monitoring a mix or in a live situation that requires more length for your in-ear monitors.

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3', 5', 6', 8', 10'