Grimm Audio TPR “Twisted Pair Reference” Cable

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→ Low capacitance of 33pF/m (conductor to conductor) and 52pF/m (conductor to shield).
→ 24 AWG twisted pair conductors with braided shielding.
→ Conductive polymer prevents microphonics.
→ Comes standard with Neutrik Black and Gold connectors.
→ 0.22″ (5.5mm) diameter.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


The Grimm Audio TPR “Twisted Pair Reference” cable is designed with studio quality in mind but also excels in live performance applications. The TPR delivers a natural, neutral signal transfer while rejecting RFI and microphonics. It does this with with a combination of braided shielding and a conductive polymer shielding. While most microphone cables use some kind of cotton filler, the TPR gets rid of the filler and adds a polymer shielding like most guitar cable have. No more static or pops when your singer is flinging around his mic cable. Another great use of the Grimm Audio TPR is for stereo guitar applications such as the Gibson ES-355 or the Rickenbacker’s Rick-O-Sound stereo jack. And for those of you who’d like to try it as a regular guitar cable, let us know and we can wire it as an unbalanced Instrument Cable.

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