Klotz AC110 (discontinued)

From $68.99 CAD$51.74 CAD

→ Low capacitance of 20pF/ft (65pF/m).
→ 24 AWG bare copper conductor and shielding.
→ bare copper spiral shield and conductive pvc over conductor and dialectric.
→ 0.272″ (6.9 mm) black PVC jacket.
→ G&H Gold plugs with black housing.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
→ Lifetime Warranty.


We are no longer going to sell the Klotz AC110 so we’ve decided to put it on clearance here. The cable is in brand new condition. Just so you’re aware, the PVC jacket does have a plastic smell that the other Klotz cables don’t have.

For those of you who desire a heavy duty, satin black guitar cable with an ultra-low capacitance, the Klotz AC110 is the perfect choice. High quality German engineering has created a cable that can retain high frequencies even at long distances. The AC110 has a spiral shield to help reject any kind of interference as well as a conductive plastic over both the conductor and the dielectric to prevent handling noise (microphonics). This is a solid, all-around cable that you can rely on for years to come.

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