MIDI to TRS Patch Cable

From $38.99 CAD

→ Switchcraft right/angle 5 pin DIN connector (rotates 8 different exit positions).
→ SP550-S – ultra-low profile TRS pancake connector.
→ MIDI standard – compatible with most pedals that use TRS for MIDI (Empress, Alexander, Meris, Jackson Audio, Swindler).
→ Also available for Chase Bliss MIDI to TRS.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
→ Lifetime Warranty.


Now that pedals are getting smaller and smaller, builders have started using TRS connections to transport their MIDI signals. This then requires the consumer to either get MIDI box that allows the MIDI signal to be converted to TRS or to get an adapter like our MIDI to TRS Patch Cable. The Switchcraft Right/Angle connector allows you to rotate the plug to 8 different positions. This is ideal as not all companies orient their MIDI jacks in the same way. The Square Plug TRS connector, SP550-S is a great low-profile option making it an ideal cable for your pedalboard. Most guitar manufacturers have their TRS connectors wired to the MIDI standard (Strymon, Empress, Meris, Jackson, Alexander etc.). However, Chase Bliss uses a different wiring. Make sure you select the correct option for your pedals.


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Pedal Compatibility

MIDI-TRS Standard (Strymon, Empress, Alexander, Meris, Jackson Audio, Swindler), Chase Bliss Audio


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