Mogami 2524 (Gold)

→ Capacitance of 39.7pF/ft (130pF/m)
→ 20 AWG Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and high density spiral shield.
→ Comes standard with Neutrik PX series black and gold connectors.
→ 0.236″ (6mm) black PVC jacket.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
→ Lifetime Warranty






The Mogami 2524 (Gold) cable is the standard by which all others are judged. Manufactured with the precision only the Japanese can create. Mogami makes the 2524 with an Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and spiral shielding. It has a satin PVC jacket that feels like no other cable on the market. The 2524 is the basis of Mogami’s Gold line of guitar cables and Revelation Cable uses the 2524 and Neutrik connectors for our version of the Gold. 





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8', 10', 12', 15', 18', 20', 25', 30'


Straight to Straight, Straight to Right/Angle, Right/Angle to Right/Angle, Straight to Silent-Straight, Straight to Silent-Right/Angle, Right/Angle to Silent-Straight, Right/Angle to Silent-Right/Angle


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