Pinkalicious Instrument Cable

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From $72.99 CAD

→ Low capacitance of 27.4pF/ft (90pF/m)
→ 24 AWG silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and bare OFC spiral shield.
→ G&H Nickel connectors
→ Pink TechFlex over white cable.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
→ Lifetime Warranty.


Pinkalicious begins with white Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE guitar cable but adds pink TechFlex for those of you who like to be bold. Finished off with white and black heatshrink and G&H nickel plugs, Pinkalicious will set you apart from the rest of the boring black cable crowd.

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8', 10', 12', 15', 18', 20', 25', 30'


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3 reviews for Pinkalicious Instrument Cable

  1. Eriel

    I’ll be quite honest, I hadn’t heard of Revelation Cable Co. until I was scrolling around Instagram looking at gear photos like the guitar nerd I am. Scrolling, I stumbled upon @thesoundmonger and how this company Revelation Cable Co had made him some pink cables and right away I had inquired about them. Boom, they weren’t being made or sold yet. I was devastated. Then Revelation reached out to me and said, “Hey, kid, you want one? I’ll tell you what, we’re ordering materials and if you want to pre-purchase them we’ll give you 15% off” (it was MUCH more professional than that trust me.) Now, this is before they even announced the sale. Exclusive, I felt. Almost, an insider you might say. I went on their website (super easy to navigate) and started reading the resources they used on their cables. “Looks like some high quality stuff,” I thought. “Yeah, I would like 2 please, 15′ straight to right angle’ ” I told them. I was in the market for cables already because I had some pretty low quality ones from a major company *cough cough* I won’t name names. I had issues with sound clarity and they always made noise when I moved them. CHEAP indeed, disappointing they were.

    People say you can’t hear much of a difference cable to cable and I beg to differ. The pristine audio experience I’ve received from these beautiful handmade Pinkalicious cables are unmatched in my opinion. If the customer service alone doesn’t bring you back, then the amazing build and sound quality of these cables surely will. You definitely won’t regret it. Plus, look at that pink, like, cmon!

  2. Michael Tabtabai

    The primary reason to purchase cables from Revelation is sonic quality and craftsmanship. These are the nicest cables I’ve ever owned. They sound flawless and are built to deliver under in any situation. Being able to work directly with Duane and Kendra is great and they are super responsive and accommodating. The other reason to buy is HOLY COW HOW COOL IS THIS COLOR PINK?? These cables look as cool as they sound and I can’t wait to see what other colors they come up with. Thanks so much for the great service, support and quality product!

  3. Matt Ramsey

    This cable is like a starburst! Everyone loves it when they see me with it. The look and feel is one of a kind.

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