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Pinstripe Pedals – MISO

$190.00 CAD

→ Mono Line Isolator for DSP guitar rigs and Percussion Pads.
→ Converts 1/4″ unbalanced or balanced to XLR balanced for FOH.
→ Jenson transformer isolation allows for ground lift and prevents phantom power damage.
→ Switchcraft and Neutrik jacks.
→ Grayhill switches
→ Pedalboard friendly
→ 3-year manufacturers warranty

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The Pinstripe Pedals MISO is a mono line isolator designed to use in conjunction with DSP guitar rigs and percussion pads. Whether you’re using a Strymon Iridium, a Walrus Audio ACS1 or a Roland SPD-SX, you need the MISO. While in most live situations the Front of House (FOH) will supply a Direct boxes (DI’s), yet DI’s don’t solve the problem of impedance matching, ground loop noise or volume reduction. The MISO will convert your balanced or unbalanced signal to an XLR balanced signal that will give you all the volume the FOH needs, while also including a ground lift switch to prevent all that noise. Once you get the DISO+ it will be the last time you hear the FOH engineer asking you to turn up your volume when it’s already maxed. As well, there is the addition of 1/4″ outs to allow for the connection of an amp(s) or powered monitors. This can be run in stereo or summed to mono all while keeping the XLR outs in stereo. The MISO uses Jenson transformers for a clean, clear sound all while preventing the possibility of phantom power from damaging your pedals.

The MISO is designed to be pedalboard friendly and the optional mounting brackets will keep things nice and tidy under your Pedaltrain pedalboard.

Use it with: Walrus Audio ACS1;  Strymon Iridium; Line 6 HX Stomp; Line 6 HX Effects; Two Notes Torpedo Live; Torpedo CAB; Headrush Gigboard; Roland SPD-S; SPD-SX; Alesis Samplepad; Yamaha DTX, etc.


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