Revelation SS (Short Straight) Connector

$4.75 CAD

Quantity discounts (10-24 = 10%; 25-49 = 18%; 50-99 = 25%; 100+ =40%)
→ Short Straight (SS) connector.
→ Clamping strain relief.
→ Insulation to prevent shorts.
→ Optimal cables: Mogami 2319; Sommer SC-Spirit XS; Canare GS6; Van Damme XKE Pro Patch; BTPA CA-0678
Lifetime Warranty.


Revelation’s SS (Short Straight) Connector is ideal for those who are using effects switchers like the Boss ES8 or the Gig Rig G3. It is also great for pedals that have jacks that are too close to gather for standard pancake connectors. The SS comes with strain relief and insulation to prevent shorting. Use it with another SS connector or in combination with the Revelation Pancake connector. Great product for those who like to solder their own patch cables.

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