Silent Series Instrument Cable – Van Damme XKE

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Silent Series Instrument Cable – Van Damme XKE

→ Van Damme Pro Grade Clasic XKE Cable.
→ Low capacitance of 27.4pF/ft (90pF/m).
→ 24 AWG silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and bare OFC spiral shield.
→ Neutrik PX series connectors and Silent-plugs.
→ Your choice of MDPC sleeving and heathshrink.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


The Silent-Series Instrument Cable with Van Damme XKE cable let’s you plug and unplug your guitar or bass without any noise or popping sounds. The Van Damme XKE is a low-capacitance, super-flexable cable that is perfect for the performing musician. Whether you need a silent-straight or silent-right/angle we’ve got you covered with the Neutrik sielntPLUG. You can choose your MDPC sleeving colour and heat-shrink colour to make it your own.

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8', 10', 12', 15', 18', 20'


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MDPC Colour

Black, White, Haze Grey, Platinum (That 90's Cable), Dark Gold Tweed, White Gold Tweed, Black Gold Tweed, Grey Tweed, Turquoise Tweed, Turquoise, Pink, Berry, Red, Violet, Powder Blue


Black – White Print, Black – Silver Print, Black – Gold Print, White – Black Print, White – Silver Print, White – Gold Print, Purple – Silver Print