Sommer Meridian Mobile Speaker Cable – AWG 11

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From $74.99 CAD

→ 11 AWG Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors.
→ Comes standard with gold G&H Megafoot plugs and black housing.
→ 0.374″ (9. mm) black PVC jacket.
→ Covered in gold carbon MDPC sleeving for added durability.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.




The Sommer Meridian Mobile Speaker Cable allows the most power to travel from your amplifier to your speakers. This is especially useful for bassists running high wattage, low ohm amps. Meridian Mobile boasts two 11 AWG conductors and a super-low resistance. Revelation Cable uses gold and black G&H Megafoot plugs and gold carbon MDPC cable sleeving to making this cable virtually indestructible. As well, we internally support the cable with adhesive lined heat shrink. This helps with strain relief and to prevent cable failure. For those of you using lower wattage amps you can always go with the Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Cable. But, if you’re like us, we don’t mind a little overkill. 🙂

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3', 5'

3 reviews for Sommer Meridian Mobile Speaker Cable – AWG 11

  1. Daniel Slinger

    I use a 900W bass amp with a 4×10 cab. I contacted Revelation Cable Company and, after some discussion, purchased a 3′ length of this cable with SpeakON connectors. What a difference! It was as if someone took a blanket off my amp. An excellent product and excellent customer service.

  2. Christian “I dare you to not buy any more pedals for a month” Cooke

    You know how happiness travels on rainbows? Well, this is like a rainbow for your sound to travel on. Smash some ear treats into your listening holes with this guy….it just sounds and looks better than anything else. And even though you won’t see it while you’re playing, you’ll know it’s there, and you’ll smile because you’ll know it looks as good as it sounds.

  3. Aaron

    Amazing speaker cable! Built like a tank! Exceeded my exactions on build quality and sound.

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