SP400 to SPS4 Patch Cable – BTPA CA-0678

From $25.49 CAD

→ SP400: the smallest soldered right/angle connector at 0.326″ (8.3mm).
→ SPS4: the smallest soldered straight connector with strain relief (0.827″ [21mm]).
→ BTPA CA-0678 – 0.178″ (4.5mm) – OFC – 20AWG – 20pF/ft (66pF/m).
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant silver-solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


The SP400 to SPS4 Patch Cable is ideal for those who are using loopers, switchers or controllers. While the SP400 is capable of being side-by-side on most loopers, the SPS4 has no issues with any of them. The SP400’s can go to all your pedals while the SPS4’s will connect to your looper creating a clean, reliable pedalboard. The SP400 has a projection of just 0.326″ (8.3mm) and the SPS4 just 0.827 (21.mm). This allows you to get more pedals on your board. At Revelation Cable Company we are making the SP400 to SPS4 available with four cable options to give you more control in finding the cable that suits your needs. Each cable is high quality but each has different features that may be preferred over-against the other depending on your set-up.

BTPA CA-0678 has the lowest capacitance of the three options. At just 20pF/ft (66pF/m) it is one of the better choices for those who have long cable runs. One of the benefits of the CA-0678 is purely ascetic, there are seven color options: black, red, blue, purple, grey, aqua and white. Want your cable to match your pedalboard or have a rainbow of colours on your board? We have you covered! The braided shielding assists in preventing radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. While a little less flexible than the Mogami 2314 it’s still perfect for pedalboard due to its slightly smaller diameter of 4.5mm (0.178″).


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Weight 0.5 lbs

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black, aqua, red, white, purple, grey, blue


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