Purple Nurple Instrument Cable

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From $77.99 CAD

→ Low capacitance of 27.4pF/ft (90pF/m).
→ 24 AWG silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and bare OFC spiral shield.
→ G&H gold plugs with gold housing.
→ Dark purple TechFlex over violet Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE cable.
→ Lead-free, ROHS compliant, silver solder.
Lifetime Warranty.


Want to go back to the days when you used to torment your friends through a variety of creative torture tactics like the Purple Nurple? Well, this cable won’t help you with that, but we couldn’t resist the nomenclature due to its vibrant purple colour. High-quality violet Van Damme cable with dark purple TechFlex and gold G&H connectors give it a vibe of royalty.

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5', 8', 10', 12', 15', 18', 20', 25', 30'


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1 review for Purple Nurple Instrument Cable

  1. Ian Kordish-Murdick

    I have had this cable for just over a year now! It has seen countless shows and practices. The build quality is the most impressive thing for me as I tend to go through cables rather quickly. This one takes all the abuse and still looks amazing! Not to mention a handful of live shows where my wireless failed or batteries were not charged this thing was right next to my board. Some people think a cable is a cable is a cable, but the quality of these guys make me a customer for life now. The other thing I absolutely love able this cable is the sleeving is robust and looks incredible. I hate the feeling of rubber cables as they don’t coil correctly, and fabric cables get way to dirty, this material is the best of both. It coils perfectly every time and cleans up easy after playing an outdoor show in the rain and mud! If your thinking of grabbing one do not hesitate these cables are the real deal.

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